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May Favorites

  Note to Self by Connor Franta Glossier Invisible Shield Sunscreen I am going to a Lemonade inspired dinner party this weekend so I have had a crush on all things lemon this month My new Group Partner planter- still figuring out the perfect plant combination that I won’t kill Florence and the Machine’s latest album – mainly the song “Caught” Save Save Save

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Branding Process

Here is a peek inside my personal branding process. I teamed up with Haley Halford from Studio Wilde to create a space for me on the internet. Above is the brand board that we came up with- this inspired the color palette and ultimately all the little details you will find around the site. Save

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Fall 2016 Playlist

Fall is by far my favorite time of the year.  Everything slows down and for a few brief moments everything in this coastal town feels new again. I feel this especially rings true when it comes to my musical tastes. It is the one time of year when I opt for more slow folk songs and less upbeat music.  I made this playlist because I knew the season would be filled with slow mornings, pie baking, and long drives. And who doesn’t want to bake a pie while listening to River by Leon Bridges? I hope you follow along on your personal Spotify. The Playlist:   xo,